The Musical Mable Series

Every music genre is an adventure! Each one has a unique story that sparks the imagination, at least that's how Musical Mable feels.  Each time she discovers a new form of music, she also discovers a new and magical world.


Musical Mable meets lots of interesting characters in these fantastic worlds and, they always show her things she had never seen or known before. Not only does Mable discover new worlds, she discovers the behind the scenes side of music as she explores her love of mixing!

                                                                                                                                 The first book of the series, Flavor Land, has Musical Mable making lots of discoveries, such as how genres are like ice cream flavors. Mable doesn't even know she's musical yet! But her new friends help her learn to use her very unique talent and show her the magic of music and mixing.

Musical Mable hopes you'll join her on her adventures and see what new things you discover!


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