Use music to promote and encourage freedom, self-expression, connection, education, and an appreciation of diverse cultures and ideas.

I'm CJ Sola, a lover of creativity at heart.  I'm a singer-songwriter, musician, designer, teacher, and author.  Througout life music has given me an outlet for emotions and ideas and has allowed me to connect with so many people and discover new things. 

My hope is to inspire kids and adults to think about how music is made and explore new forms of music, thus interacting with different cultures and ideas.  I hope my t-shirt designs promote peace and a discussion about the music, era, and artists represented. I hope we can see that our differences don't have to splinter us but can, instead, create harmony.


I operate my small business in Long Beach, CA and am energized by creating and learning as I develop new books, songs, shirts, and more.  I write and illustrate as well as design and print my shirts by hand.  When you shop from my site you are, not only supporting small business but, getting something that is crafted with the spirit of creativity in mind.  I still perform and teach preschool music and art.  While music is my passion, I'm a fan of all the arts and all the unique ways people find to express emotions and ideas.